Ghost busters try to scare up spirits at Phoenix restaurant
Reported by: Brian Webb
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Last Update: 7/10 5:19 pm

Ghost busters try to scare up spirits at Phoenix restaurant

PHOENIX -- Real life ghost busters will be in Phoenix Friday, looking and listening for things that go bump in the night.

One of the places they will visit after hours is the Stockyards Restaurant near 48th Street and Washington.

For years there have been stories of spirits spooking the staff.

These stories include them doing things like turning the lights off and on, messing with kitchen equipment, and shaking the chandelier.

Some of the staff even said they have seen the spirits, felt their presence and heard them speaking out loud.

"Our owner was having a drink at the bar late one night, looked into the mirror and saw a woman in a red dress right behind him, but when he turned around she was gone,” said Casey McAllister, a nine-year employee of the restaurant.

The main paranormal suspect is Della Tovrea.

She and her husband used to own the restaurant years ago and they lived in the famous Tovrea Castle a few blocks away.

In the bar she is depicted on a mural wearing a red dress and fancy red hat, just like the woman seen by the owner.

“I have been here a few nights late and you turn off the lights and get that feeling up your spine… a little creepy,” an employee said.

Several customers know the stories, too.

The group of Ghosts of Arizona will visit the restaurant at 10 p.m. Friday to try to scare up the spooks by using high tech equipment like infrared cameras and heat sensing devices.

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