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The following articles are in chronological order

1. Murder Trial Postponed
2. Murder Trial May Be Delayed
3. Death of An Heiress
4. The Suspect's Sidekick
5. I'm On A Conveyor Belt to Death Row
6. A Hapless Case
7. Leak to Newsman Prompts Murder Trial Probe
8. Murder Trial Sanctions
9. Plain-Spoken Ethel
10. Pre-Trial Filings Heat Up Harrod Case
11. Reporter's Notes Turned Over to Attorneys
12. Ex-Wife to Testify in Harrod Murder Trial
13. Prosecution, Defense Outline Harrod Case
14. Harrod Murder Trial Hears Medical Testimony
15.Wife Recalls Harrod's Sudden Wealth
16. Trust Money the Murder Motive, Prosecutors Say
17. Defense Grills Harrod's Ex-Wife
18. Victims Daughter Names Harrod
19. Juror Being Scrutinized in Harrod's Case
20. Friend of Harrod's Ex-Wife 'Anonymous Tipster'
21. Harrod Expected to Testify
22. Harrod Testifies in Murder-for-Hire Trial
23. Harrod's Further Testimony
24. Harrod Murder Trial Closes Testimony
25. Closing Arguments in Harrod Case
26. Harrod Found Guilty, Faces Death Penalty
27. Trial and Heir
28.Harrod Professes Innocence
29.Death Wish
30.Harrod's Fate Now Rests With Judge
31.Harrod Sentenced to Death in TOVREA Slaying
32.Butch Harrod and the TOVREA Kid
33.Harrod for Hire (August 2, 2001)
34.Supreme Court No. CR-98-0289-AP, Maricopa County No. CR-95-09046--SUPREME COURT OF ARIZONA En Banc, STATE OF ARIZONA, Appellee vs JAMES CORNELL HARROD, Appellant--OPINION
35.Opinion Brief
36.The Wrongful Conviction of James Harrod
37.April 3, 2003, No. CR-95-09046 Remanded for Resentencing
38.The Return For The Resentencing Conviction of James Harrod
39.The Resentencing Conviction of James Harrod
40.The Supreme Court Upholds Conviction of James Harrod
41.View an e-mail forum discussing Harrod's innocence
42.Is the Wrong Man on Death Row for the Murder of an Heiress?
43.James Harrod Death Row Photo
44.SleuthSayer-The Tovrea Murder, Pt1
45.SleuthSayer-The Tovrea Murder, Pt2