***Copied from Ahwatukee Foothills News***

"Reporter's Notes Turned Over to Attorneys"
by Guinda Reeves
Oct 4, 1997

Notes and audiotapes of a reporter will be made available to both prosecution and
defense attorneys in the murder case involving an Ahwatukee Foothills man, James
Cornel Harrod, 43.

Charged with first-degree murder and burglary in the April 1, 1988, death of Phoenix
socialite Jeanne Gunter Tovrea, Harrod wasn't arrested until September 1995.  He has
remained incarcerated without bail, as is common in capital murder cases, in the
Maricopa County Jail.

Presiding Judge Ronald S. Reinstein of Maricopa County Superior Court said September 30
that he had received the items from New Times reporter Paul Rubin, and ordered the
three tapes of recorded interviews that Rubin had conducted with Harrod to be copied
and "turned over to both the defense and the prosecution."

Both sides also will be given a copy of Rubin's 12 pages of computer notes.
"There are a few thoughts by Rubin that will be redacted," said Reinstein.  "There's
nothing in the notes that I was given that was anything that I (didn't anticipate),"
the judge added.

Resinstein said most of the quotes were what was in Rubin's three major articles
about the case in February and March 1997.

Attorney Steve Suskin for Rubin and New Times had entered an order of protection
September 19 against the prosecution's attempts to get the tapes and computer notes

Suskin had cited "reporter's privilege" not to divulge notes or sources, agreeing
instead to have the judge review the materials in camera (in his chambers), or to
provide a redacted version, editing out Rubin's personal notes.

The court is continuing to wade through testimony in connection with several pre-trial
motions, again moving the October 6th trial date back perhaps several days.
Reinstein must rule on:

*A prosecution motion to allwo Harrod's ex-wife, Ann Costello, who was still married
to Harrod at the time of Tovrea's murder.  At issue is whether the judge will set
aside a state rule prohibiting a wife from testifying against her husband. 

*Defense motions to suppress the results of two photo lineups and a physical lineup
at the jail (the witness-Tovrea's daughter, Deborah Nolan-Luster, reportedly failed
to identify Harrod at a later lineup).

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