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"Trust Money The Murder Motive, Prosecutors Say"
by Guinda Reeves
November 5, 1997

Upon Jeanne Tovrea's death, her three stepchildren-Georgia, Ed Jr., and Priscilla Tovrea, received the proceeds of a residual trust worth nearly $4 million, according to the former attorney for Ed Tovrea Sr. and Jeanne Tovrea.

That residual trust money was the motive for a murder-for-hire scheme, say prosecutors in the trial of James Harrod, 43, the Ahwatukee Foothills man charged in connection with Jeanne Tovrea's killing.

In testimony October 27-28, Kenneth William Reeves III, now a Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner, said that Jeanne Tovrea's stepchildren had received about $1.8 million each from the residual trust, after taxes, following their stepmother's death. The trust was set up through their father's will, after Ed Tovrea Sr.'s death in 1984.

Jeanne Tovrea, 55, was found dead in her Lincoln Hills Estates home shortly before 1:00 a.m. on April 1, 1988. She had been shot five times in her face and head with a .22-caliber weapon, apparently as she slept.

According to Ed Sr.'s will, and a letter to his three adult children explaining his will, Jeanne Tovrea had received the bulk of his estate-all her husband's personal property, the house in Lincoln Hills Estates, and two properties in the White Mountains near Pinetop, as well as cash and stocks.

Jeanne Tovrea also was given the interest income from the residual trust as long as she lived, with her stepchildren retaining a remainder interest in that trust, according to Reeves.

However, Ed Tovrea Sr.'s will and codicil didn't reveal the residual trust's total value, Reeves said during cross-examination by defense co-counsel Tonya McMath.

Upon Ed Tovrea Sr.'s death, his son and two daughters by his first marriage reportedly had received about $60,000 each from their father's life insurance policies as well as each having a $200,000 trust set up for them.

Ed Tovrea Sr.'s three adult children reportedly were receiving a monthly sum of about $1,500 to $1,800 each from a previous trust from their paternal grandfather, Phillip Edward Tovrea Sr.

The Tovreas were a pioneer Phoenix family whose business concerns included what was at one time called "the world's largest stockyards."

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