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"Harrod's Further Testimony"
by Guinda Reeves
November 15, 1997

On the witness stand again Wednesday, James Cornel Harrod contradicted earlier testimony for the prosecution by his ex-wife, Ann Costello, and the victim's daughter, Beborah Nolan-Luster. The 43-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills man also said he was busy buying cocaine the night Jeanne Tovrea was murdered.

"After some reflection," he said, he had remembered his whereabouts the night of March 31 and early morning of April 1, 1988.

"I went out to procure some cocaine," Harrod said, at a bar that used to be on Baseline Road, somewhere near Priest Drive-at the Guadalupe-Tempe border-and close to a small park area.

He left home "about nine or ten o'clock," was dressed casually, and was gone "maybe an hour to r-and-a-half," he said. During that time, he reportedly met "Carlos," and they went to the park and "had a few beers."

Harrod said he then went home about 11 p.m., watched some television ("probably Arsenio Hall"), and drank a glass of wine. He said he fell asleep on the couch.

"I've slept on it many tiems," Harrod said, explaining he often stayed up late for business calls with Asian business contacts, because of the time-zone difference, and at that time didn't have regular work hours. His then-wife had to get up by 5 a.m. for her job, so she often went to bed much earlier, he said.

Harrod also denied Nolan-Luster's earlier identification of him as Gordon Phillips, who claimed to be a Time-Life writer researching World War II prisoner of war experiences. Phillips reportedly had used the ruse to interview Jeanne Tovrea, the third wife and widow of war veteran Edward A. Tovrea Sr., in Newport Beach, California, in early July 1987.

Harrod said he had called Jeanne Tovrea's telephone number only once, right after he first met Hap Tovrea, trying to get in touch with her stepson, because he had lost Hap Tovrea's business card and had found her number in the phone directory. He said he had spoken with a woman who had identified herself as Jeanne Tovre and left a callback message with her for Hap Tovrea.

Harrod maintained he had never been to Jeanne Tovrea's house and had no idea how his fingers allegedly were on her kitchen window pane and countertop.

The prosecution is expected to call New Times reported Paul Rubin to the stand, and perhaps recall Costello, to rebut portions of Harrod's testimony.

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