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    Patrolman Samuel Eugene Tovrea
    Galveston Police Department, TX

    Patrolman Samuel Eugene Tovrea

    Cause of Death: Weather-Natural disaster
    End of Watch: September 08, 1900
    Date of Incident: September 08, 1900
    Age: 34
    Tour of Duty: 10 yr
    Suspect Info: Not available
    Weapon Used: Not available
    The Officer Down Memorial
 Page, Inc.

    Patrolman Tovrea and three other officers were killed in the Storm of 1900. The storm claimed the lives of over 6,000 citizens and destroyed over 1,500 acres of the city. To date it is the deadliest natural disaster to ever occur in the United States.

    Patrolman Tovrea had been with the agency for ten years and was survived by his wife and five children.

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