25 Pyramids of Arizona


Cory Daniels

Tovrea Monument with the Castle in the Background

Our next pyramid is located at Tovrea Castle or “The Wedding Cake Castle.” This interesting structure is a historic Phoenix landmark and one of the official Phoenix Points of Pride. Originally intended to serve as the centerpiece for a high-end resort by its architect and builder Alessio Carraro, Carraro’s dream never came to fruition as E.A. Tovrea purchase land next to his castle and began farming pigs and cattle. Carraro knew he could never have successful resort next to animal farming so he unknowingly sold the property to E.A.’s wife Della through a real estate agent. The building shortly thereafter became the private home of E.A and Della Tovrea.

Whereas one can make the argument that the castle itself is a stylized step pyramid, and I’d be apt to believe that, the real pyramid sits in the garden to the north of the house. This pyramid is actually a “Capstone” and was intended to be the final resting place for E.A. And his wife Della, and other immediate family. However, this time it was Tovrea’s plans which never came to pass. Before Tovrea died, changes were made to the local internment laws and the capstone was turned into a family monument.

The “Cake Castle”

Carraro ended up purchasing a boulder field just outside of Yarnell Arizona and spent the rest of his days painting boulders and living in eccentric artists lifestyle in the high Arizona desert. Fittingly the Tovrea family has been cursed with unfortunate accidents and murder for the transgression of their patriarch E.A. Tovrea.

Do I think Tovrea was a Mason? It definitely appears so with his choice for a tomb. However, I cannot find any evidence to prove this. That being said tracking down Masonic affiliation is not as easy as one might think. There are no public records to access and unless the Mason himself comes out in a public declaration is very likely that his affiliation will go missed.